Witte Rook on Sunday afternoon

There is more than one way to describe a studio. It is a place to work but also a space to receive guests. In the case of Artist in Residence there is more than a studio for work, it is also a matter of making connections in which the program provides. There is time and space for experiment, to work, to reflect but also to meet.

In our series of informal lectures, Witte Rook on Sunday afternoon, we focus on the personal experience of being an Artist in Residence. Debbie Schoone (visual artist, participant WKNDX) Heidi Vogels (artist, DutchCulture | TransArtists) and Chantal van Rijt (visual artist, participant International Talent Program 2016 BredaPhoto) tell more about what this special way of conducting your practice means for them. What are the differences between AIR programs and how is that meaningful for their work and ambitions? We also want to invite you to visit the AIR studios at Witte Rook where the International Talent Program of BredaPhoto takes place.

On Sunday, September 23, I will give a talk about my experiences while doing a residency at Witte Rook. Curious? Then come listen, it's free! You can find more info here.