WKNDX residency at Witte Rook

From 12/03/18 until 25/03/18 I worked at Witte Rook. Witte Rook is a local art and culture platform from Breda. One of their activities is hosting WKNDX, a two-week residency, which is concluded with an exhibition. I submitted my graduation research to the open call, so that was where I was working on. In my graduation project I’m doing research on the question how innovation in the food industry contributes to a sustainable world. To visualise this, I focus on aquaculture. What do these developments actually look like? Is it as clinical as expected? Through visual research I show how this innovation looks, because I am convinced that the future lies in fish farming on land.

Witte Rook wrote an article about my work and this period. You can read it here.