Mini-residency at KunstpodiumT

During a couple of weeks in August, I’m working as an artist-in-residence at KunstpodiumT (Tilburg, NL) as part of Talenthub Inversie, together with Daniel Arthuus.

Time to experiment and try some new things! You can follow our journey on Instagram.


After long weeks of uncertainty, I’m very happy to announce the reopening of Festival CIRCULATION(s)! The festival reopens from June 5 to August 9, at Centquatre, Paris. In addition to the reopening, an online exhibition will be launched on May 25. This is a unique opportunity to see the festival when you don't have the chance to visit it.

For now only the exhibition spaces will be accessible, no events will take place. This reopening is only possible with precautionary measures, so there will be limited access. All the information about the measures and the reopening can be found in the newsletter which is send out today, you can find it here.

Inversie kick-off!

Tuesday 12 May we had our online kick-off for the Inversie program. It was great to see and meet everyone during these weird times.

This marks the start of the first phase, with the main goal of writing our development plan. Together with my mentor, Klaartje from Kunstpodium-T, I'm making big steps already.  

Talenthub Inversie

I’m very excited to finally share that I have been selected for the talent development program Inversie (inversion)! The upcoming year I will work together with Kunstpodium T and Talenthub Inversie on my professional practice. The Talenthub guides young visual artists to an independent professional practice. 

You can follow our 15 month journey on Instagram or Facebook!
More information about the this program can be found here

CIRCULATION(s) #stayhome contribution

From Minsk to Berlin, from Paris to Helsinki, From Paris to Barcelona, the whole festival team and the 45 artists of this edition, we will deliver to you day after day our vision of this unprecedented situation #stayathome.

Festival CIRCULATION(s) is starting a large correspondence around the image, because for our own good and that of others, we all have to stay home. This is my contribution.

TELEGRAMME #13: Not being able to go outside makes you inventive. Inspired by Peter Frasers 'Material' I started to wander around my house and studio #allmatterisequal