Debbie Schoone

Bruce ︎︎︎ photodocumentary, 2014-2016

For exactly two years, I documented the life of Bruce. Bruce is a bull who is bred for his meat. During the years I followed him, I've seen how the animal that I’m going to eat grows up and therefore where the meat on my plate comes from. With this series I want to show where our meat comes from.

The relationship between man and nature is changing, but the relationship between man and the food that one consumes too. A lot of environmental issues are the result of our food production and therefore sustainable food is nowadays getting more attention. Are we going to eat cultured meat which comes from a laboratory in order to save our nature? Or will there ever be a day when we all become vegan?
On April 28, 2016, Bruce has been slaughtered. The moment of the slaughter was a turning point for me. It took place in a small slaughterhouse, and happened quick and hygienic. Because I didn't experience this moment as something negative, I want to show my story in a different way.

© Debbie Schoone/2021