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SEAWEED ARCHIVE ︎︎︎ an online collection of material that contributes to my visual research

We are currently living with 7 billion people on this planet and this number continues to grow. As a result, the demand for food, energy, plastic and other resources is increasing. To meet this requirement, we need to shift to an economy where we obtain these raw materials in a sustainable way.

Algae do not compete with fertile agricultural land. The production can take place at sea or on sterile soil, and still has a high yield.

My interest in algae arose during my research into more sustainable solutions in the food industry. This resulted in the work ‘How to Farm a Fish’. Since then I have created an archive on algae and seaweed, which forms the basis for this new work.

The epilithic algal communities occurring along the coast of the Netherlands, C. den Hartog (1959)
Buitendijkse oesterputten bij Yerseke als vindplaats van zeldzame zeewieren, P.H. Nienhuis
Zeewieren verzamelen, prepareren, bewonderen, Bob Entrop (1966)
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